Ugandan Cleric Calls For Unity Against Graft, Insecurity


The archbishop of Mbarara Paul Kamuza Bakyenga warned Ugandans on rampant corruption and insecurity in the country as we celebrate Christmas and new year as cases of murder, torture among others keep coming out everyday in the country.

Archbishop Bakyenga while sending out his Christmas message to Ugandans at Nyamitanga Mbarara, said the country has lost focus due to high corruption tendencies and insecurity where children have been the victims despite of the media publishing them.

“We live today in this challenge that has been talked about in the media, it has been written about but still it is something that we must mention that is the curse of corruption and graft which has seemingly eaten into the public of our nation, in government and civil society.’’ Archbishop Bakyenga said

Archbishop Bakyenga said the educated and well established people who are the minority have continued to oppress the poor who are the majority ‘’ Is it not sad that the minority of our educated and highly placed officials are not shy or even afraid to steal with a stroke of a pen while the majority of our law-abiding citizens are languishing in dire poverty? It seems to me that some people have become num and indifferent to corruption and graft so much so that no one no longer notices the horror of these evils.’’

Archbishop Bakyenga said children are being targets for criminals who are the people supposed to take care of them.

‘’Our world today is also infested with a dreadful acts of child abuse in their various shades. In present day society, children’s lives are vulnerable and threatened right from the womb into infancy and to young child -adulthood. We hear harassment and abuse in homes in institution and surprisingly sometimes in some church circles as well.’’ Archbishop Bakyenga said

He added ‘’ Innocent children have been buttered, starved, sexually abused and sacrificed or murdered in cold blood with impunity yet this phenomenon is not unique to children their mothers and some women in general have also undergone through similar atrocities.’’

Archbishop Bakyenga is worried about the future of Uganda if the people responsible keep their focus elsewhere instead of taking charge of the nation to make it take the right path.

‘’To the above hurdles you can add self-inflicted death, murders that have become rampant in certain sectors of our communities. One wonders where we are going as a society? A future seems to be brick, is there any one out there who is willing to pay attention and listen to our sole cry and get determined to persuade us from the evils of the above challenges ‘’ Archbishop Bakyenga said

He urged Ugandans to stop talking at issues that are affecting society but rather look for solutions to them so that the country can be put to the right order.

‘’Fellow believers in Christ it is time to walk the talk. Brothers and sisters the current Christmas and new year season offers us a rare opportunity, privileged moments to emerge from the door drums and cesspools of life and walk away from allies of sin and death and together with the new born child we can trade the path of we look forward to the new year 2020, we need God’s blessing. It is my joy and pleasure to invoke upon all of God’s abundant blessings of peace and blessings of the lord’’.

Rampant runaway corruption, which analysts have attributed the government’s system of patronage–in which regime royalists steal public money and go untouched–leaks million of dollars annually out of Museveni’s government. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni led thousands of supporters on December 4. in a 3.5 kilometer walk in Kampala to reassert his commitment to fight graft.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that Uganda is nearing debt distress because a fifth of its revenue is now spent on interest payment. If no measures are taken, Museveni’s Uganda may be forced to cut expenditure on human capital and infrastructure projects in order to plug its soaring debt burden a thing which continues to put the economics of its younger population on the firing line.

As he seeks re-election, the Ugandan leader is expected to spend more than $200 million to buy favor from the country’s impoverished population, according to the Kampala-based Alliance for Finance Monitoring.