Museveni Aide Issues Warning On Industrial Parks


An aide to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has warned Chief administrative officers all over the country to handle the presidential industrial parks she is launching countrywide with special care if they want to keep positions in the different districts of operations.

Statehouse Comptroller Lucy Nakyobe who was addressing civil servants, Chief administrative officers (CAO), political leaders in the twelve districts of Ankole at Mbarara district council hall on Friday at the launch of Mbarara industrial park said, president Museveni traversed the country three months ago setting up industrial parks to skill women and youth in the country to address the problem of unemployment and poverty at the household level which will be managed by CAOs throughout the country.

‘’What brings us here today is just follow up of what president pledged. He did visit all zones in the country about three months ago and during that visit he promised that he would set up zonal industrial parks in each of the 20 zones in Uganda. Mbarara is one of the zones and it has 12 districts making up the Mbarara zone and that is why we are here today so that we launch his program together’’ Ms Nakyobe said

Ms Nakyobe said CAOs are expected to handle the project like how they have been handling other projects under their dockets for the smooth running and management.

‘’I hope everything is okay and I am loud and clear because this project is going to be set up by statehouse. The money is government money after we have established, we are going to hand it over into your hands for running and management. You are expected to handle it so well just like you handle the monies and assets under your votes.’’ Ms Nakyoke said

She added that the president warned CAOs not to give any excuses for failure or mismanagement ‘’unfortunately there will be no excuse for failure or for mismanagement. That one I have been told to warn you. This project take it as a special project if you still want to be CAOs. You are expected to make monthly reports to state house and I have already discussed with your PS. whoever fails the project will see the exit. I do not want you to take it as a threat or as intimidation but that is the fact of the matter.’’

Ms Nakyobe said all CAOs in the country should get ready to embrace the project since it is being done countrywide in the 20 zones set up by the president during his visits in all parts of Uganda.

‘’Now we the people of Mbarara we have to be on the heels of these CAOs, you must supervise the project to make sure it succeeds and I do not want the CAOs to think they will run away from this zone because am travelling everywhere, the project is everywhere in Uganda. So you run away from Mbarara you will find it in Karamoja, Fort portal and everywhere else. It has come, it is part of you, embrace it, love it and prepare for it and do not ask me how you are going to manage , run it because even me they just wake me up one day and they told me go and set up these industrial zones, I did not have chance for somebody to take me to school and say this is how you are going to do it but am here am doing it and I have the confidence that you will run these industrial parks to your best.’’ Ms Nakyobe said

Ms Nakyobe said 20 industrial zones were set up by the president, passed by cabinet and shs 130b voted which has been given to state house this financial year.

‘’This project was passed by cabinet and shs 130b was voted to it and the money have been given to state house for this financial year so we must see this project implemented before the end of the financial year’’ Ms Nakyobe said

Ibanda district CAO Nathan Ahimbisibwe said they were ready as CAOs to manage carefully the project since it has been put to their attention.

‘’On behalf of all the CAOs here, I can assure you that as CAOs , we are ready to manage these industrial parks very well to the best of our abilities’’ Mr Ahimbisibwe said

Kiruhura resident district commissioner Aminadam Muhindo said government had delayed to start up such initiative and advised that the trainees should be given machines after training to set up their own businesses in their favorite locations.

‘’Actually we are very late, government should have started this yesterday. As supervisors of government programs, I think after people have been given skills, they should be given equipment to set up businesses at their places of choice’’ Mr Aminadam said