It’s Time For Uganda’s Political Leadership To Account–MP


As Uganda gears up for an election year, which analyst are predicting to be one of the most expensive election periods, a Member of parliament Francis Mwijukye is asking electorates to ask their leaders what they had done for them before voting them into another term of office if they are to get services.

Mwijukye who was voted a commissioner of Parliament in May 2019 says ruling National Resistance movement party (NRM) is used to buying voters with money depending on how they value them but challenged voters to this time ask their leaders for accountability before voting them into office.

‘’Next year 2020 is a year of accountability. So, everybody must show what he or she has done and voters are supposed to ask for accountability that is when you will be able to get services so you must avoid being bought by NRM’’ Mwijukye said

In a new year’s message, the vocal opposition politician said as we enter a new year 2020, it will be full of politics and electorates need receive them but examine them to ensure that the right person is voted and resist those who only pays them money to vote them into power.

‘’When we are entering a new year 2020, it is a year of elections and many people will come to you seeking your votes please make sure that you scrutinize them so that you can chose the best person to lead you but not how much some one has paid you for your vote’’ Mwijukye said.

Mwijukye said people should stop the tendency of waiting for politicians to get money from them but they should rather vote for people who are capable of delivering services to his people and can be accountable to them.

” Voters should not always wait to get money from the politicians but rather people who are accountable to them when it comes to service delivery and fronting issues that affect the local people’’ Mwijukye said.

A Kampala-based research firm has already warned that Uganda may be headed for its most expensive campaign spending as long-serving ruler Yoweri Museveni seeks to endear himself to voter in an election that is due in 2021.

Presidential and parliamentary candidates are likely to spend more than the 2.4 trillion shillings ($655.6 million) that went toward 2016 elections, Henry Muguzi, national coordinator for the Kampala-based Alliance for Finance Monitoring said in an interview. Museveni, who has unofficially kicked off his campaign, is expected to use more than $200 million.

Other presidential candidates will spend more than $10 million each, while parliamentary candidates are expected to spend more than $150,000 each, he said.

“Money seems to be the method of campaigning chosen by aspiring candidates across the political divide because already many of them are engaged in spending on the ground to endear themselves to the electorate that is poor, hungry and economically vulnerable,” Muguzi said.

Buhweju MP Francis Mwijukye receiving blessing from Monsignor Barugahare John Baptist in Sheema. PHOTO BY FELIX AINEBYOONA

Mwijukye said NRM has used money to fight him in Buhweju because he belongs to theopposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC)party but they have failed to succeed because he believes in God.

‘’When NRM people go to report me to president Museveni, I walk to Namugongo, when they plan another thing, I meet the Pope and all my issues are solved because God is better than all other things’’ Mr Mwijukye said

Mbarara district FDC Chairman Stanley Katembeya said this time people should be well alert to ensure that they are not fed on lies but rather service delivery.

‘’It is the right time now for people to vote those who have delivered services to their people. Before you go to vote first ask yourself the person you vote in the previous election if he or she delivered his or her promise and whether you have been able to get the basic services in your community’’ Mr Katembeya said

Mr Guma Nuwagaba former FDC candidate in Sheema North by-election said this is time for the truth as electorates have been fed on enough lies the reason why he left NRM as the RDC of Mitooma to contest in Sheema.

‘’I contested in Sheema by-election after leaving my position as RDC Mitooma, to come and serve people and even when I was cheated, I decided to come on FDC ticket because they tell the truth and was fade up of lying to our people’’ Mr Nuwagaba said